Cool Challenge for Wives

I break from my regularly scheduled thoughts to share with you a cool challenge that I came across.  I will probably dedicate another blog to marriage, but let me just say that marriage is one of my passions.  I am so thankful for my supportive, loving husband who is my best friend.  I am pleased to say that we just hit 13 years of happy marriage, but it has not been easy for us.  Especially in the beginning as we learned to work together and give and take.

I know that no marriage is perfect, but I constantly strive to be a good wife and to support my husband.  I heard a saying early in marriage that you should each think of the other’s needs and try to make them happy.  In other words, I think about my husband and his needs and he thinks about mine.  I have followed this blog called Women Living Well for the last couple of years and she says that marriage is not 50/50, it is 100/100.  Each person gives 100%.  I think that is a great picture of what marriage should be.

So, as Valentine’s Day approaches, the author of the blog is doing a challenge.  Each week, there will be additional challenges building up to Valentine’s Day.  Each week, we will be challenged to show love to our husbands in a new and different way.  Week 1 will be praising your husband.

I also know that some of my friends struggle in their marriages.  I know this challenge might not be easy for all of you.  But I encourage you to give it a try and see if it takes your marriage from Bad to Good, Good to Great, or Great to Even Greater.  Even if you don’t think your husband is giving 100%, I challenge you to take this next month and give him 100% and see if it makes a difference.  This is not a turf war.  Don’t keep track of what you have done and expect anything in return. Don’t think about the years and years of when you’ve tried and seen no difference.  Just think about today one day at a time.  And I pray that one day soon you will see a big difference.

Enjoy.  And post comments here or on her site to let us know how it goes.  May God do exceedingly abundantly more than you can ask or imagine in this challenge.


(Here’s the link just in case:


2 thoughts on “Cool Challenge for Wives

  1. Amy McK says:

    Excellent post. With a baby on the way, this next month and year will be challenging. I will take your words to heart.

    • I’m glad, Amy. I, personally, am challenged by this already. My husband is a “words” person and likes encouragement. And though I appreciate him a lot, I’m realizing that I don’t regularly compliment him every day – even when I’m making a concerted effort to. 🙂

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